STRUCTUM - Services of the company
  • Engineering, procurement, and construction
  • Right-of-way clearing and access roads
  • All tower-type installation and construction
  • Installation of reinforced-concrete, monolithic and pile foundations
  • Installation of phase conductor
  • Installation of OPGW
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Construction equipment fleet
  • Equipment for installation of phase conductors from 1 to 5 wires in phases
  • Inspection and maintenance
  • Emergency restoration
  • Experience building up to 400 kV
  • Designing
  • Material and equipment procurement
  • Clearing, grading, and site preparation
  • Foundation installation and civil works
  • Equipment installation
  • Substation modifications and upgrades
  • Inspection services
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Relay protection
Cable lines
  • Engineering, procurement, and construction
  • Right-of-way clearing and access roads
  • Installation of OPGW and signal cables
  • Power cable installation
  • Excavation work services
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Construction equipment fleet
  • Installation equipment for OPGW and power cables
  • Inspection and maintenance
  • Emergency restoration
  • Experience building up to 220 kV
  • Foundations and civil works
  •  Substations and grid interconnections
  • Turbine erection
  • Testing and commissioning
  • System engineering and design
  • Equipment supply and installation
  • Foundations and civil works
  • Pier and panel installation
  • Substations and grid interconnections
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Installation of reinforced concrete, monolithic and pile foundations for buildings, structures and technical equipment
  • Construction of monolithic reinforced concrete constructions and structures
  • Structural steel erection of building framework and constructions
  • Installation of technological equipment.

Structum Construction PL carries out full-cycle construction work in the field of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of energy facilities.

The company’s activities cover all stages of the turnkey construction process and include a wide range of construction services, including:

  • integrated project management
  • engineering and determining the object’s technical and economic indicators
  • procurement of materials
  • obtaining permits
  • expert evaluation
  • construction of the facility
  • commissioning of the facility after construction completion.

    Years of experience in the implementation of EPC projects and the availability of all necessary resources enable us to perform large-scale construction work.

    The company`s highly skilled team of experienced workers and its modern equipment make it possible to fulfill orders of any level of complexity.

    From the beginning of the project to the commissioning of the facility, we carefully monitor each stage of the process and effectively use the necessary resources to achieve cost-effective results.

    The effectiveness of project implementation directly depends on following the timeline and cost management. Structum Construction Pl assumes responsibility for the execution of the work schedule, compliance with the project budget and high construction standards.

    By implementing all the components of the EPC contract individually, we guarantee the Customer simple and transparent cooperation and cost minimization.

    Understanding of the market needs allows us the opportunity to fully meet the Customer’s needs and ensure the best result.

  • Development

    Structure Construction provides services regarding the construction, development, and increase of the economic attractiveness of energy facilities at the expense of attracted investment.

    The company offers a full range of development services, including the initiation and execution of works on concept development, design, legal and technical analysis, permits, organization of construction, engineering support, commercial development and final implementation of the finished facility.

    This line of our company’s activities involves thorough support of the construction process. The company pays maximum attention to the quality and compliance with the timeline at each stage.

    We are constantly developing our potential and refining our technologies to initiate and implement the most complex projects.

    Project support

    Structum Construction Pl provides services of project management, project support and supervision over the construction project implementation at all stages – from the beginning of construction engineering to commissioning the finished object.

    We believe that proper control is a guarantee of risk minimization.

    Analysis of design and construction documentation, monitoring of construction stages, quality control of works execution, are among a few of the many capabilities of Struсtum Construction.

    Our range of services for supporting construction projects includes:

  • drawing up a complete technical assignment for project work
  • support of engineering surveys to prepare materials for expert evaluation
  • construction control over the project implementation
  • compliance with the project documentation, with the results of engineering surveys, construction rules and regulations, project works execution
  • compliance with the project budget
  • compliance with the terms and deadlines of construction works, as well as regulatory documents
  • quality and scope control of works.

    Our experts’ solid experience in engineering and high level of professionalism allows them to maintain the highest level of supervision and control for works execution at all stages of project development.